Connect with your Car and get Real-Time information

Protect your Family and your Most Valuable Assets

Make Driving Safer and Less Expensive

Protect your Family

Know where your family is. View your
teenager's driving behavior so you can
coach, correct and protect

Monitor Your Engine

CarPULSE tracks engine diagnostics
and automatically alerts you
of potential problems.

Real-time location

View your vehicle’s real-time
location and engine status
from your smartphone.

Emergency Assistance

CarPULSE will detect a crash and can
automatically notify your emergency
contact list with exact location

Stolen Vehicle

Real-time vehicle location
helps authorities track
and recover your vehicle

Save Money
on Car Insurance

Receive discount on comprehensive
coverage from most
insurance companies.

Save Money
on GAS

Gain insights into your driving habits
to help you reduce gas consumption

Save Money
on Expenses

Export your trip and create expense
reports, track tax deductible mileage

Easy to Install

CarPULSE Easy to Install

Just plug CarPULSE into your
vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic Port.

Easy to Use

CarPULSE Easy to Use

Download our App
Be connected to your car and stay informed.

Easy to Share

CarPULSE Easy to Use

Share your location
with your trusted friends and family.

What are People saying about CarPULSE

CarPULSE installs in seconds to turn your car into a CONNECTED car.


My insurance company gave me a discount just for having the CarPULSE device, and that practically pays for the device. Now I am saving even more money by always knowing where the Cheapest gas is. I love it.".


I am a father, and the peace of mind knowing that my family is safe is worth it to me. All my family members have the CarPULSE device in their car, and now I can monitor the engine health of all the cars making sure they don't get stranded."


"I just bought a new car and I do not want it bumped, towed, or worst yet stolen. CarPULSE alerts me immediately if there ia anything going on with my car. I especially like the Valet Mode, I can finaly enjoy a meal at a fine restaurant without worrying about the valet enjoying my car as well."


"I was traveling long distance one day when the Engine Light came on - is it serious? this can be very worrisome and stressful. Now, thanks to CarPULSE, my dealership can remotely diagnose my car as I am driving, tell me what is going with the car and if need be give me scheduling options to bring the car in. Just the peace of mind is worth it."

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