Make Driving Safer and Less Expensive

Recover Stolen Vehicle

Vehicles with GPS tracking systems are recovered more often and with less damage than those without, so whether at home or work, telematics makes sense.

If your vehicle is stolen, it becomes our top priority, and we work with law enforcement to recover it before it ends up stripped down, chopped up or shipped out.

  • Locate your vehicles in real-time with virtually 100% coverage in the U.S.
  • Simply notify us, and we’ll work closely with law enforcement for you
  • CarPULSE can detect possible theft and immediately alert you
  • Set up a GeoFence and receive alerts if your vehicle enters or leaves an area

Monitor Vehicle Health

Gain insights into your vehicle’s health through graphical, interactive displays of diagnostic codes, engine operating parameters and major system status.

Receive Monthly vehicle health report sent via email.

Perform maintenance before you end up on the side of the road.

Save money by proactively taking care of your vehicle.

Vehicle Health

Save Money on Gas

Reduce Gas Consumption - Gain insights into your driving habits through graphical, interactive displays. Learn how your driving habits affect your safety and fuel consumption. Find out if your car is living up to its MPG promise.

Find Cheapest Gas - Find cheapest gas station on your route (coming soon).

Save on Gas

Get Discounts on Car Insurance

CarPULSE qualifies as a Theft Recovery Device. Majority of car insurance companies will offer you a discount on your comprehensive coverage.


Protect Your Family and Most Valuable Assets

Real-time vehicle monitoring
accessible from your mobile device or computer

Protect Your Family

Easily view driving behavior like speeding, rough braking and rapid acceleration - important with at-risk drivers like teenagers - giving you the opportunity to address, correct and protect.

Emergency Assistance

CarPULSE will detect a crash and can automatically notify your emergency contact list with details and exact location.

Real-time location

View your vehicle’s real-time location and status from your smartphone or computer. Watch your car move along the map in real-time and view fuel, status, speed, driving behavior and more

Your data is your data

We will never share your data with anyone else without your explicit permission.

Teenage Driver Monitoring

Monitor Teenage and Elderly (At-Risk) drivers so you know they are safe.

CarPULSE offers Powerful Tools to help keep your family safe behind the wheel and Encourage Safe Driving Behaviors.

Monitor Teenage Driving

Real-Time Location

View real-time location of vehicle - particularly useful when someone is lost or stranded and needs help.

Crash Detection

CarPULSE can detect a crash and automatically notify designated contacts with details and location.

Emergency Assistance

CarPULSE can detect a crash and optionally notify towing services and authorities.

Safe Driving

Monitor how the vehicle is being driven, including speeding, rough braking and rapid acceleration.


Draw a region on the map and get real-time alerts of when the vehicle has entered or exited the region.


Receive smartphone alerts when given parameters - from speeding to location information - are triggered.

Trip Reporting

With CarPULSE, you can view all your past trips.

Trip History

View a History of your trips and associated information including:

  • Where you went (map showing route)
  • Trip Duration, Distance
  • MPG, Engine Temp, RPM, Altitude, Fuel - throughout the trip
  • Driving events (hard braking, idling, speeding, etc.)
  • Business Reporting
  • Tax purposes
  • Expense reporting purposes

Vehicle Health