Activation and Installation

What type of vehicles does CarPULSE work with?

Vehicle Health CarPULSE is easy to install on all automobiles and light and medium duty trucks manufactured after 1996. The unit installs in the required OBDII port located under the dashboard and within two feet of the steering wheel.

How do I inistall CarPULSE in my car

You can install CarPULSE in your car in 4 easy steps

    • MAKE SURE your vehicle is TURNED OFF
    • Plug CarPULSE into your vehicle’s OBDII Port - it is located under the dashboard, beneath the steering wheel column. Use a little pressure to make sure it goes in all the way and gets a good connection
    • Wait 60 Seconds

    • Once CarPULSE is plugged in,  start the vehicle
    • Wait 60 seconds

    • Go to on your favorite browser
    • Click on SIGN UP NOW - Enter all requested informtion
    • Clink on SIGN IN - using the Email and Password you just signed up wtih

  4. REGISTER your Vehicle
    • Click on
    • Click on
    • Click on + Add Vehicle - enter VIN and Device ID as provided in shipment package "Quick Start Guide"

Can I use CarPULSE if I don't have a smartphone?

Yes! No smartphone, no problem.
You can access the CarPULSE web portal from any PC or desktop computer at to create your account, track your vehicles, monitor car health and more!

Can I transfer my CarPULSE if I get a new car?

Simply plug in CarPULSE in your new vehicle and register online.


Not Seeing your vehicle data?

Check your connection Not seeing your vehicle data? CarPULSE may not be securely connected with your diagnostic port. If CarPULSE is loose it will be unable to get the power and the data that it needs.
Follow these steps
  1. Turn off the car
  2. Unplug CarPULSE
  3. Plug your device back into your diagnostics port. Make sure it goes into the port with a snug fit and it is not getting hung up on any of the edges of the molding or plastic around it.
  4. Start the car
  5. Check the light on the device. After you plug it in, you should see a light on the left side of the device within a few seconds as it performs self-tests.
  6. Take a test drive
  7. Go to the CarPULSE portal and Login to - you should see the car. if you do not see a light at the left side of the device please send us an email and we will investigate

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